Kerri Lendo is a Los Angeles based stand-up and filmmaker.  Kerri got her start doing stand up comedy in Austin Texas and has toured the country with such comics as Maria Bamford. She is an award-winning filmmaker and her work has played festivals including LAFF, AFI, AFF, and more. Kerri can also be seen as the co-host of the web show Inside Joke on Youtube. Her new web series Bonnie Bonnetson will premiere this fall.

📸 : @bcatbagan .


Veronica Moonhill is a director, creator and performance artist based in LA. She began her career in the New Orleans experimental theater scene where her love for absurdism and flair blossomed. Veronica is drawn to making work that is feminine, fantastical and joyful. Her first short film, Amanda_Test_1, premiered at Outfest LA. Her next short, a feminist existential fantasy called This World and The Next made with her longtime collaborator Nat Moonhill, will premier at New Orleans Filmfest in Fall 2019. She is also the founder of CLITTER! sparkly vulva, boob and ovary confetti. She is thrilled for City Kitties to be birthed into the world and to have been a part of such a bold project. 📸 : @bcatbagan .