GOOD NEWS – we have two new, delightful kitties to introduce you to this week! Practice good #socialdistancing, adore these stars from afar, the leading ladies of ep. 25, the wonderful, the hilarious MICHELLE PARK (@michelleepark) and BELLA VANEK (@getinmyvanek)!!!⠀

Michelle Park is a Korean-American actress, producer and filmmaker. She is a big travel bug, loves to play sports and create silly sketches on Instagram. As diversity continues to grow in this industry, she hopes to shine compassion and be a positive influence to those around her, as well as make her Asian-American community + female community proud as she chases her dreams! (Editor’s note: we r so proud!!!)⠀

Bella Vanek is the lead singer of Foxx Bodies (@foxxbodies). Writer. Actor. Musician. Keep fighting the good fight. ⠀

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